June 27, 2018

Episode 038: Where Do I Fit? Finding Your Business Tribe

  • The thing that makes me nervous that might really surprise you.
  • The popcorn and cookies networking strategy that I may need to rethink.
  • Why the right event to attend needs just the right mix of aspiration and content.
  • What to consider to get the RIGHT people to attend an event.
  • The billionaire big question – how to best help the world?
  • Why it’s not enough for it to be a great event.
  • The two worlds I’ve not bumped into before and how this new perspective affects how I see my business.
  • My big business take away from Einstein.


“Where do I fit? It stinks being in the wrong crowd.”

“Nobody makes it all alone. All great achievements are definitely a collaboration of a lot of people coming together.”

“Are these my people? Are these my business people to hang with?”

“It’s not about greed or just accumulation. It’s about generating things to give them away and to feed back into the world.”