July 4, 2018

Episode 039: Why Not Create Something Awesome?

  • The two thoughts that gave me peace around not finding my business tribe.
  • The relationship gap I’ve experienced, that you might recognize too.
  • What some phases of business have in common with catching a cold.
  • The question to ask when you need new people in your business life.
  • The List Method for Finding Your Tribe (steal this idea).
  • Putting Your Order in to the Universe (my quick results).
  • Money and risk – the problems you might have when you’re a billionaire.


“Relationships are needed. I need those right people in my life.”

“I love what I have right now.”

“I’m not ashamed about being greedy for wanting more good people in my life.”

“Accept that I don’t have all the things that I want, but it’s coming.”

“I believe that we can have anything that we want.”

“If we can have anything, why not pick and create something awesome.”

“There are some things that money is irrelevant to.”

“When you ask for things there’s a good chance you will get them, so keep asking.”