July 11, 2018

Episode 040: Growing Pains are Great

  • The totally selfish reason I’m building a sales funnel.
  • Why sales calls are A LOT for introverts.
  • The fascinating challenge that arises when your marketing is WORKING.
  • Why I dropped a whole chunk of change at the last minute.
  • The key importance of being with people who think BIG.
  • Why I’m checking out of my business (but not for long).


“We’re bumping up against something new, which is coaching capacity.”

“I think they say ‘new level, new devil’. That sure seems to be true.”

“I’m happy to be exactly here.”

“I’m happy for the problems we’re having. I’m really fascinated by them.”

“I know that this is a part of the growth, growing pains.”

“Move towards productive discomfort. That’s where it’s at.”