July 18, 2018

Episode 041: The Brilliance of Bumping up Against Limits

  • I felt nervous about joining groups, here’s why.
  • The perfect group match (I’m wondering).
  • There may come a point in business when you need a stylist to get you out of sweats. 
  • Perfectionism and your team.
  • 3 signs you might need to catch a breath in how you relate to your team.
  • The key difference between a growing and an established business.


“The dial starts all the way back at zero…it’s a whole new month.”

“We are a growing team, a growing business and that means we are perpetually doing things we don’t know how to do, that are beyond our comfort zone.”

“Any time we bump up against our limits, it’s a wonderful opportunity to grow.”

“Problems are awesome and problems mean that we’re growing.”

“If we didn’t have problems, we wouldn’t be trying.”

“The team is bumping, they’re bumping up against some limits.”

“I’m learning as a leader.”