July 25, 2018

Episode 042: My Mindset Is so There Already

  • How my experience with the big fish went.
  • The important business distinction between problem symptoms and root causes.
  • From slow and steady to exponential growth – new choices.
  • I’ve discovered the root problem my business can solve.
  • Coming from a place of extreme gratitude.



“My mindset is so there already.”

“I’ve definitely started to see further.”

“We can incorporate more giving into the work that we do.”

“No matter what happens externally, it’s really the internal world and our personal worlds that influence how we feel.”

“What matters really is my head, my relationships with the people who are close to me, my home.”

“Even though I have big visions and big things I think would be fun to create in the world, they’re kinda just for fun.”

“Even if I didn’t take on these challenges, I would still be pretty at peace.”

“I already have everything I want and this is for fun.”