August 1, 2018

Episode 043: Automating Sales

  • I got burnt out on sales calls – the truth.
  • Eeek, my big goals mean more sales calls.
  • How I became a bottleneck in my on business.
  • Why I feared automation and did it anyway.
  • How I knew how to hit the sales notes.
  • The video bird poop problem I really hope you don’t face.
  • How we screen our clients.



“That volume of sales is really outside my sweetspot.”

“We were able to overhaul our entire sales process in a week.”

“If this doesn’t work out I kinda broke the business.”

“Allow imperfection and iteration.”

“It’s really important to get that first draft out there and live.”

“It’s OK to show people your drafts, it’s OK to iterate, to put things out there that are imperfect.”

“Nobody makes things perfectly the first time. Nobody does, so go ahead and make something imperfectly, show the world and then go and do a better job after that.”