July 10, 2019

Episode 92: Financial Hilarity and an Expense Breakdown

  • What I let slide for about six or seven months
  • The form of courage I needed to lean on
  • What made me chuckle when I did a financial clean-up
  • An expense breakdown for 2018
  • Why I am loving looking at a terrible financial situation
  • My year end reflections on 2018
  • Things I learned this past year
  • What are you learning right now?


“There’s always some amount of courage required to get things to the place you want to be.”

“It makes a lot of sense why I accumulated so much debt.”

“It is what it is. These were the choices I made.”

“But man, what an interesting year! What a privilege to get to play with money.”

“I do think my willingness to experience that is actually going to pay off quite a bit.”

“I lost my way. I lost my confidence. I broke things.”

“That was really what I did all last year. I broke my brain around money.”

“I already have everything I need.”

“How do I build something that sets people free?”