Macho Coaching

Achieve an Edge Most People Never Find

Become Closer to Invincible as You Develop a Mind that is Agile and Unshakeable

What’s the one, small hinge that can create the following big experiences in life?

  • Winning every day regardless of circumstance
  • Achieving the impossible with ease and confidence
  • Withstanding the battle of business and life without flinching
  • Regularly experiencing flow states and your peak level of health and performance
  • Becoming so strong and centered that nothing throws you
  • Experiencing more success and abundance in your life

–> Answer: Your Mind.

Imagine being:

  • Steadfastly in your sweet spot
  • Laser focused, while keeping a healthy dose of perspective
  • Hyper creative
  • A peak performer
  • In optimal shape
  • The recipient of ever-increasing levels of respect and success
  • With relationships that lift you even higher

It’s all possible.

Everything you create in life starts in your mind and is bound by the limits of your mind.

Most people put all their attention onto what they’re creating, never seeing the walls they’re creating within.

Most people are ruled by unchecked assumptions, never seeing the path to freedom.

Most people get stuck at a certain level of prosperity and success, never seeing that more is possible.

You are NOT most people.

Unlock Your Highest Competitive Advantage

Freeing your mind is your highest competitive advantage.

When you shift your attention from what you’re creating to examining what’s creating it, you unlock the path to victory.

You untangle what once felt stressful, overwhelming and complicated.

You create more consistently and powerfully than ever before.

You win out on the battlefield, behind closed doors and within the privacy of your own heart.

You generate even more protection for what matters most to you: your health, your loved ones, your business and your impact.

You find a sense of peace, joy, humor and fun in the game of life.

Only a very select few choose the journey of becoming a master of their own minds.

This is an edge that most people never find.

Introducing the Experience of Mindset Edge Coaching

“All things are created twice. There’s a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation. We are either the second creation of our own proactive design, or we are the second creation of other people’s agendas, of circumstances, or of past habits.” – Stephen R. Covey

Pure Mindset Mentorship Delivered with Warmth and Genuine Kindness
No frills.
No fluff.
No pretenses.
No distraction.

Your mind.
My mind.
Working collaboratively with focus, presence, skill and compassion.

That’s it.

A master doesn’t need anything else.

First Creation Mastery
On days when you’re strong, I’m a mental trainer. I’ll work your brain hard to expand its overall capacity.

On days when you’re worn-out from the slings and arrows of the world (yup, it happens!), I’m a healer. I’ll calm your brain and restore your strength.

I’ll always take the time to understand and meet you where you are before jumping in.

I’ll be leading you, but right at your pace.

I like to laugh. I hope you do too.

I won’t ever tell you what to do.

I have no agenda for you.

Every moment of our intensive engagements will be completely focused on you.

At times our coaching may look or feel differently than you expect.

Sometimes you won’t even notice that I’m there.

Everything we discover together will be held in complete confidentiality.

The DEBUG Process
I’m a systematic thinker, and I use a process called DEBUG to guide the overall flow of my exclusive, year-long coaching relationships.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of your world, your strengths and your potential
Embrace, acknowledge and amplify highly effective mindsets and behaviors that are already present
Bore down deep into root causes of stress, problems, struggle and doubt
Untangle first creation thought patterns to achieve increased alignment
Give the world more of your gifts with greater ease while you enjoy your life more

Benefits of Mindset Edge Coaching

  • A competitive edge that allows you to see things other people can’t see
  • Pre-designated, protected time to hear yourself think each and every month
  • A comfortable safe haven where you can set down everything that you’ve been carrying
  • An organic increase in your awareness of what you’re creating in business and life
  • A more thoughtfully curated and pleasing experience of your amazing (and unique) life
  • A regular experience of psychological fortification and strengthening
  • A built-in opportunity to step back and get perspective on all the stressors you encounter day-to-day
  • A completely personalized and customized experience just for you
  • A reduction in unnecessary effort as you line up more and more with your flow


Exclusive, Intensive, Deep Coaching with a Mindset Master

The One-On-One Mindset Edge Coaching Program runs year-long from January to December 2019.

All coaching is done through once a month, one-on-one intensives. The intensive format matches your intensity and provides optimal results.

Only four exceptional people have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the Mindset Edge Coaching Program in 2019.

You need to be recommended by someone I know and trust to be considered for this unique coaching experience.

When you find me, we’ll do a two-hour deep coaching intensive together to gauge fit (on-the-house) before embarking on this life-changing journey together.

My coaching rates start at $250,000 per year, paid in full and upfront.

Specific date availability for our monthly Mindset Edge 1-1 Intensives is listed below.

January 21 – January 25
February 25 – March 1
March 25 – March 29
April 22 – April 26
May 20 – May 24
June 17-19 and June 27-28
July 22 – July 26
August 19 – August 23
September 23 – September 27
October 21 – October 25
November 18 – November 22
December 16 – December 20

Full Disclosure: I support the rarest of rare gems. As a result, I offer a generous thank you to those who facilitate our connection.

Next Steps

  1. Find someone we both know and ask for an introduction to me.
  2. Choose a convenient time for a complimentary 2-hour deep coaching intensive, so that we can both assess our fit.
  3. Take care of your payment to guarantee your receipt of one of four limited and exclusive Mindset Edge Coaching spots.
  4. Block off your calendar with twelve untouchable dates in 2019 set aside just for you.
  5. Get excited for all the incredible gains you’ll make over the course of the year! And feel a sense of relief that you’re in excellent hands.
  6. Schedule a bonus time to go over your 2019 plans and intentions with me, so that we’re on the exact same page as we head into January.


A Note About My Podcast

If you listen to the To a Billion with Joy podcast, you’ll discover in short order that I’m not perfect.

In fact, I’m human and flawed (gasp!). I’m actively learning and growing, and I’m totally ok with it.

Recurring themes in my podcast include moving towards things that scare me, figuring out how to make things better and pushing the limits of my own mind. Sometimes that gets messy, so I ask for and receive a lot of support along the way. I do my own work and have two long-term coaches in my life, which makes a major difference in how quickly I catch onto and move through things.

My 2019 calendar is designed around my favorite things.

  • Two weeks applying my creativity and knack for systems and leverage to two other businesses: Cardy Career Coaching and Be the Beacon
  • One week stepping outside of myself and into a flow state serving the most wonderful people in my Mindset Edge Coaching Program
  • One to two weeks off a month to tend to life outside of work and to keep my own bucket filled, so that I can consistently give to others

Everything I do is driven by a desire to be helpful. I’ve found one of the most helpful things I can do is to lead by example.

Also, all podcast episodes are released on a six month delay, so please don’t fret! Whatever trouble I’ve gotten myself into in any given week has likely passed already. 🙂

Excerpt from a Career Coaching client email: “This was really awesome and I’ve been smiling every time I think about it! Having listened to a few of your podcasts, I just wanted to let you know that for what it’s worth, emails like this and how you walked me through the exercise are exactly the reason I wanted to work with your company. It is incredibly refreshing to see that the genuine person in the (media) on your site is exactly the same when working together live!!!”