Attention Experienced, Action Oriented Coaches! (AC)

You’ve built a 6 to 8 figure, successful coaching business and are looking around, like,

“Huh. Why am I so unhappy? Why do I want out?”

Everything is Amazing and Something is Wrong

You had a dream. You worked. You hoped. You grew. You cried. You built. You hit all sorts of problems. You changed. You kept going. And you did it.

You’re in that top 5% who built a highly successful coaching business that consistently performs and earns.

Identify with this? You are what I call a Unicorn Coach.

When you’re a Unicorn Coach, everything is objectively amazing. You have what so many aspire to achieve. You have what you wanted.

You’re doing great work with people you love on dream projects.

There are some days that are awesome.

And then there are days when you f***ing hate your business.

You’re smiling and nodding on Zoom meetings until the second the camera goes off. And then your face falls.

You’re trying to convince yourself that you should be happy.

But just between you and me, you’re not.

It doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not something you’d admit to anyone other than your closest friends.

There’s something “off” in the dream you created and you can’t figure out what it is.

Where do you even start?

(And are you even allowed to be unhappy when you’ve been given so much?)

I’ve been there before too. I get it. And I know the way through.

Coaching for Unicorn Coaches 🦄

You’re hyper self-aware. You’ve done all the work. You know a ton and catch on quick.

You Don’t Need:

  • more mindset shifts, life coaching, or strategies to improve your health – you’ve done all that before
  • the pressure of another high-end business mastermind group – your game face is tired
  • another product or service to launch – your sales energy is worn out
  • to push yourself for growth – you aren’t even sure you want it
  • to be posting Reels 14 times a day – ain’t nobody got time for that

Instead of unenthusiastically pushing for more growth or investing in ineffectual business trainings you don’t really need…

Carve out some space for clarity and aligned action with my Signature Unicorn Coaching Program.

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Are You:

  • running a team-based business that is making everyone happy but you?
  • bored or disinterested in your work?
  • feeling trapped on the paradise island you’ve built for yourself?
  • worried if something doesn’t change, you might just light a match and burn it all down?
  • feeling you’ve outgrown what you built?
  • guilty over being dissatisfied with your amazing life?
  • wanting to pull your hair out at the thought of your next launch?
  • having days when you dread even logging on?

If you answered yes to two or more of these then you have gifts that are outside the norm.

You are a Unicorn Coach.

A creative powerhouse.
A visionary leader.
A dynamo talent at execution.

You’re extremely capable at moving through your fears, dreaming big, and making things happen.

You’re so far ahead of the curve, it’s hard to find someone at a level who can help you.

Introducing the Signature Unicorn Coaching Program

My Signature Unicorn Coaching Program is specially designed for a really unique and specific type of coach.

As a Unicorn Coach:

  • You think complexly. You need lots of room to share all the things you’re thinking about with someone who will understand.
  • You have lots of capacity. You need time and space to make new, deeper connections.
  • You are still human. You need a compassionate presence who can see and care for all of these parts of you.

Unicorn Coaching is a space where it’s safe to share the full range of your experience, even the “must be nice to have” problems that feel inappropriate to talk about with most people.

All you need to do is show up and be yourself.

***Set up an initial consult here to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.***

This is the Fight You’re Having with Yourself

“I worked so hard for my business.

I don’t want to burn it down.

I’m responsible for my team. I care about them and don’t want to let them down.

I’m afraid of the consequences of leaving.

I don’t want to be ungrateful for all I’ve been given.”

So you talk yourself out of it.

You try to settle for content.

“Content is fine,” you think. “Stop striving already. Be happy here.”

After all, you’d be crazy to walk away from this, right?


You’re secretly unhappy.

You feel like you’re living a lie.

You’re presenting as the badass CEO, but things are feeling harder, they’re taking longer, and they aren’t as fulfilling anymore.

You want to re-capture some of that great energy you had when you were first starting out in business.

(Or maybe there’s something else you’d rather do.)

After all, you didn’t start your own thing to be feeling this bad about your work.

You’re frustrated and torn, and you’re over it.

You want to stop feeling this way.

You want answers.

You’re wondering “How much happiness am I entitled to?”

You want clarity about whether you should stay or go (or something in-between).

You want to know you’re making the right choice about what’s next…

and you’re afraid you’re running out of time to figure it out.

***Set up an initial consult here to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.***


Benefits of the Signature Unicorn Coaching Program
  • get clarity on your next steps; no burning down your business required
  • re-connect to the passion and enthusiasm you had when you first started your business
  • drop the mask and all that unnecessary energy you’ve been expending trying to hold things in place
  • discover how to make your business and life feel more interesting and alive
  • attract amazing opportunities with ease as your energy opens up and your health improves
  • make a positive difference in the world in a way that is freshly aligned, authentic, and sparkly
  • feel on purpose and on track with your life, not the life you thought you should be living
  • enjoy more intimacy and connection in your closest relationships
  • remember who you are underneath the persona and brand you’ve created
Signature Unicorn Coaching Program Details

The Signature Unicorn Coaching Program is a custom three to six month long 1-1 coaching program.

You’ve got nothing to lose by reaching out because after assessing initial fit, we’ll do a complimentary 2-hour coaching session together for you to experience my work. This will also help me design a program for you that will get you the best results as quickly as possible.

A typical program involves coaching together in two hour intensives every two weeks. This provides both time to go deep and time to integrate new insights.

I work with just a few, select clients at a time, so you’ll have my full attention and ongoing, as-needed access to me over email and Voxer for the duration of your program.

This program is designed to help you live a life that is as wonderful as the one you hoped for when you started your business.

The majority of your results will come from a combination of in-session insights and post session percolation. Because of the customized, systematic, big-picture way that I coach, you will gain fresh, powerful understandings faster than on your own or within a mastermind.

***Set up an initial consult here to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.***

Stop Hiding Your Unhappiness and Things Will Get Better

Pushing down the tension you’re feeling blocks your access to more freedom and fulfillment in your work and life.

(And once you take an honest look at what’s not working… you may find it’s more salvageable than you thought.)

When you get this problem resolved and out of the way, you’ll be able to create a life that looks amazing AND actually feels amazing too.

Not to mention the relief you’ll feel when you’re not going to bed with this tension and waking up with it day after day!

My Story: About Alison Cardy

At the end of 2017 I was over it.

After years of building, my career coaching business was working like a well-oiled machine and making a difference in the world to my clients and my team. I’d led the creation of a systematized, team-based coaching business that consistently brought in six figures.

I enjoyed leading my team and knew we were doing good work together for great people. But even though all the boxes were checked on paper, I felt frustrated and didn’t see how to keep moving things forward. I wasn’t happy. It felt like wearing the wrong sized clothes – clothes that used to fit but now felt like someone else’s.

I’d known for a while that something was wrong, but I kept finding projects to keep me going. Around this time, I worked with a few business consultants, but I felt more angry, upset, and misunderstood after each one.

And then I got fed up.

I wanted to throw in the towel. I wanted to be done with doing things that I didn’t want to be doing anymore. I was so bored. I was a completely different person than when I’d started out, but I felt trapped in the business that an earlier version of myself had imagined. It was stifling. I wanted my work to evolve and go deeper. I was tired of saying the same things over and over again. Things felt imbalanced; like I was giving more than I was getting.

So I stopped trying to grow my business and planned to shut it down to make room for the next thing.

And I embarked on the messiest four years of my professional life as a coach.

During this time period I… did quite a bit. 😛 I:

  • cockily thought because I’d built one business everything I touched would magically turn to gold – it did not
  • joined and bit hard on a mastermind that only allowed positivity and had expensive fun
  • exhibited extreme behavior around financial decisions that rocked my marriage
  • reached for the highest ticket coaching client I could find in the hopes it would resolve my financial issues
  • pretty much solved how to do this type of coaching only to learn I didn’t want to do it
  • learned how to have disordered eating while trying to improve my health
  • ignored red flags I saw in a practitioner and had an educational, traumatizing experience that took a long time to recover from
  • cut all extraneous spending and sat very still for about a year to try to understand what had happened
  • found a new level of spiritual peace and understanding
  • maintained my career coaching business (thank you team and past self for building such an amazing set of systems and doing awesome work!)
  • shut down my creativity and turned off my voice for about a year, because I thought they were causing too many problems
  • devoted six months to a fun project that had no clear path to cash, on the blind hope that being kind would pay off – it did not
  • radically improved my relationship with my husband
  • lost a ton of confidence because I saw how far off course of my values I’d gotten and how certain I’d been as I charged away from them
  • built lots of grounding rituals and relationships to help buffer against getting that off track again
  • grieved not having biological children and the impact of my past choices
  • re-connected with my creativity and my voice and an even greater understanding of my needs and how to express them
  • aimed too broadly in defining my coaching work and failed at sales for a year
  • got frustrated and asked for help on why things weren’t working when I’d learned and grown so much
  • finally named and claimed the work I’d been generally aiming at with a more specific avatar – Hello Unicorn Coaches!
  • touched and left an artist identity on repeat; fought it tooth and nail until I finally accepted it
  • started writing comedy and getting on stages

So I went down a lot of wrong turns. I got hurt. I got lost. I kept going, I learned, and I leaned on supports, but I didn’t have anyone guiding me through the big picture of what was happening. It cost me time, money, and confidence.

On the other side of this journey, I can see that I went from:

  • ignoring my feelings to regularly expressing and standing up for what I need
  • being run by an unacknowledged pain driver to being run by my natural enthusiasm and joy for life
  • not knowing some parts of how to be in loving partnership to regularly experiencing connection and intimacy
  • so over my work to being interested and thoroughly engaged by it
  • a set-up that took care of everyone else to a set-up that actually takes care of me too
  • blind spots around money and business to having structured supports in place to address these areas
  • not sleeping well for years to regularly sleeping through the night and waking up to days where I feel held
  • ignorance of my highly sensitive nature to a set-up that embraces it and uses it to my advantage
  • a stance of learning only by running into walls to being able to accept influence and guidance
  • blindly accepting mentorship to having discernment and awareness around mentor selection
  • using my business as a personal development vehicle to viewing it as a business
  • trying to jam all my creative energy into my business to having a creative outlet outside of my business
  • resisting my artistic nature to fully embracing and showcasing it as a comedian
  • living on an island of my own making to being plugged in to more non-business friends and communities

After walking this very rocky journey and coming out the other side, I know what’s at stake if this problem gets ignored or the right type of support isn’t in place. And I know it’s possible to get through it, to connect to your truth, and bring to life a dream that not only looks good, but feels good too.

By leaning on my expertise and guidance, you can navigate this “I just want to burn it all down” feeling with more grace, confidence, and success to get out of limbo faster and with fewer bruises.

My Signature Unicorn Coaching Program is a more powerful evolution of my 10+ years of experience successfully supporting hundreds of professionals to find greater alignment in their life and work. (It’s super fun to work at this higher level with you!) It’s the program I wish someone had offered me back when I was so fed up and not sure why.

***Set up an initial consult here to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.***

A Sampling of Client Successes:

Caryn Gillen“I was all set to build a business I didn’t want to be running and that was the wrong fit. I had everything I needed – except I wasn’t the person for it, or it wasn’t the business for me.

I got on an initial session with Alison just to talk about what she might be able to offer and she had me laughing until I cried – the good kind of tears – about my “great plan” and the business that would never be. Within 1 month I had made a 180 shift and gotten started on my new direction –and all that happened before we even had our first session!

Sitting in your life with Alison as your exploration partner and guide is a real treat! It is entertaining, fun, and all appears sooo obvious – yet – I’d not seen in years what she uncovered in moments. Her ability to dig around in what you live as your normal day-to-day life is top notch. I haven’t met many, if any, coaches who can do what she can do.

If you think you have a good thing going, but you have an inkling that you might be meant for a great thing – just talk to her.”

-Caryn Gillen, Entrepreneur Coach for High Integrity Coaches

Mary Sterk“We were about to hit a big milestone and I needed to get clarity on the next level of growth – lots of potential directions were possible, and I was a little too close to things to envision potential without getting lost in the ‘how’.

Update – we are on fire! We literally hit our big goal today and had a great time as a team with big bonuses and will be popping some champagne shortly. And we are deep into transformative change as a firm. We have redefined our client segments based on profitability levels, hired a new team member who will start soon, and will be launching our Kansas City branch office early next year. BIG movement!!

I have worked with several executive coaches, and was amazed how the insight and debugging Alison was able to achieve made a massive difference in my ability to move forward. And it happened quickly – the speed of my mindset change occurred BECAUSE of the way she coached. I highly recommend Alison for all high level executives!”

-Mary Sterk, Coach and CEO of Sterk Financial Services

Sumi Krishnan“Alison is a unique and rare gem in the industry of coaching. She is smart, thoughtful, truly cares about her clients and is a champion for supporting your most authentic form of growth. I recommend her if you need support as simple as a sounding board or as deep as needing to sort out decades-long issues that may be holding you back!

-Sumi Krishnan, Coach, Singer Songwriter, Activist, and Co-Founder of K4 Solutions, Inc.

Beth Solomon“In six months, Alison’s visionary coaching transformed my life, enabling me to see my true potential and have the confidence to pursue my dreams. Alison helped me push gigantic boulders that were blocking me out of the way. With patience, deep caring and exquisite skill, she turned a bright light on the path I am now walking to professional joy and spiritual fulfillment. I cannot — ever — recommend Alison highly enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

-Beth Solomon, Founder of Fired to Fabulous

About Alison

Alison Cardy is an author, speaker, coach, and comedian. She has been coaching since 2009 and runs a successful, team-based career coaching firm, Cardy Career Coaching. She is a compassionate explorer of inner worlds and creative abundance. Her expertise is in setting you free, really free.

***Set up an initial consult here to discuss your situation and to see if we’re a good fit to work together.***

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