Season 3 Beautiful Soul Spotlights

by Alison Cardy

Tamara Arnold

What I love about Tamara is her pursuit of expansion, her willingness to feel all the things, and her clear + real + sparkly energy.

She’s a teacher who makes everything seem understandable and doable, including knowing ourselves more fully.

She’s a role model who walks her talk and shares openly.

And she’s a rebel unicorn. So fun!

Tamara teaches about chakras, spiritual constipation (it’s a thing), receiving, resistance, business success, and her love of mentors and coaches.

Why tune in? Tamara’s energy will lift you up!

In the meantime, learn more about Tamara at and take her Rebel Unicorn quiz!

Amy Steindler

What I love about Amy is her compassion, honesty, sense of humor, storytelling, and big smile.

Amy says: “I’ve been there too.” “I get it.” “I can show you the way.”

One line she shared still echoes in my head: “We come by it honestly.” ‘It’ being the ways we turn against ourselves and lose our way.

I remember and appreciate Amy’s vulnerability in sharing places she’s learned things the hard way (particularly around learning it’s ok to ask for help).

Amy teaches about being open to change + growth + new perspectives, being vulnerable, and asking for help.

Why tune in? If you’re sitting on an island of your own competence, you need to hear Amy’s stories.

In the meantime, learn more about Amy at

Kathy Lemak

What I love about Kathy is her courage to show up and her courage to pursue her dreams.

Kathy is an astute observer, a creative writer, and the author of the forthcoming young adult, fantasy book: The Curse.

We feature a sneak peek of her book in Episode 10!

Kathy teaches about pursuing writing, listening to your characters, taking breaks, and the value of daydreaming.

Why tune in? For anyone who has bought into the idea that you can’t listen to your heart or that it’s too late to try out that thing you’ve been yearning to do, you need to listen to Kathy’s story.

In the meantime, learn more about Kathy at:

Helen Young-McLaughlin

What I love about Helen is her can-do attitude, her willingness to jump in, her creativity, and her emphasis on intentionality.

Helen is a fierce advocate for middle managers. She believes in giving them a safe and constructive space to process and learn to become better leaders.

I’ve also been inspired by her personal story of choosing growth over limits as she ventured out to start her own business. I can still see her holding metaphorical bars in front of her face and demonstrating how we can put those down. What an insight!

Helen teaches about valuing middle managers, prioritizing exercise, avoiding burnout, and most of all, being intentional in management and in life.

Why tune in? Helen’s stories and clear explanations will inspire you to step into the next level of your career.

In the meantime, learn more about Helen at

Beth Solomon

When I think about Beth, I think about adventure! Along with her big smile and gleeful laugh.

What I love about Beth is her strength, resilience, courage, curiosity, explorer-self, sense of humor, generosity, and encouraging nature. 

She’s particularly generous with sharing her stories and lessons learned around a topic that can be pretty taboo – getting fired.

Beth is on a mission to share why getting fired could be the best thing that ever happens to you. Yeah, that’s what she said. You’ve got to hear more about how Beth thinks about this. It’s so good!

Why tune in? If you’ve had a painful work experience, Beth will put it into perspective and help you understand how to get back on your feet (with a good dose of laughter along the way).

In the meantime, learn more about Beth at

Pramod Raheja

What I love about Pramod is his leadership, not just in creating a great business culture, but also in his personal life. He’s friendly, genuine, growing, generous, and has his priorities in order.

One of the story arcs Pramod shared that really caught my attention was his leadership and entrepreneurial journey and how he connected to his current CEO role, where he feels like he’s in his sweet spot.

Pramod teaches about the future of aerospace, drone technology, entrepreneurship, leadership, and company culture.

Why tune in? If you’re an aspiring leader looking for a role model, you’d do well to listen to Pramod. And if you’re curious about the aerospace revolution that is happening around us, you’ll get a great primer!

In the meantime, learn more about Pramod at

Cyndy Porter

What I love about Cyndy at a big picture level is her strength, courage and commitment to lifting other women up. She also has an incredible visual sense and a savvy for branding, marketing, and business growth.

Cyndy is insightful, attentive, and both clear + kind with her feedback, exactly what you would want in someone helping to position you and your brand in the best light possible.

Cyndy teaches about beauty, self-confidence, women’s empowerment, and her mission to help more women succeed on their own terms.

Why tune in? You’ll want to hear the stories Cyndy shares in Episode 21 about two of her clients who went from zero to six figure businesses in a year.

In the meantime, learn more about Cyndy at

Yolande Grill

What I love about Yolande includes her incredible values, curiosity, caring, deep wisdom, and constant learning.

Yolande is the first (and hopefully not the last!) person I’ve met who uses her mission of world peace to inform her life and work. She asks big questions, like “how do we make the workplace worthy of our children?”

Yolande teaches about the importance of asking the right questions around data, lessons learned from her time as a change agent COO, remote workforces, feminine + masculine energy, non-violent communication, and peace.

Why tune in? Yolande shares insights about business, company culture, and changing the world in relatable stories that will inspire you.

In the meantime, learn more about Yolande’s work at

Mathieu Guerville

What I love about Mathieu is his calm, down-to-earth nature, his openness to understanding new perspectives, his generosity in sharing his experiences, and the line he walks between innovation and healthy cynicism.

During Episode 21, I asked my guests to share something they used to think was impossible that they now know to be possible. Mathieu’s story of the transformation of a huge, standardized, static corporation into one that stepped into creativity blew my mind.

Mathieu’s take on networking is etched in my brain. “Meet as many people as you can to broaden the surface area of serendipity to happen.” So good!

Mathieu teaches about startups, innovation, human bias, cynicism, empathy, and corporate culture.

Why tune in? If you’re curious about innovation in modern organizations, you’ll want to learn from Mathieu. (He literally created an MBA class on the subject!)

In the meantime, learn more about Mathieu at

Sarah Yost

What I love about Sarah is her modeling of steadiness in the midst of a big emotional range, her punchy insights, her openness, and her sense of humor. She brilliantly expresses extreme acceptance of and compassion for our frail humanness.

Sarah’s message is that you can have a successful business when you have a tender brain or personal issues. 

I’ll just pause a moment to let that sink in.

Sarah says, “We don’t have to have all our problems solved to be of service in the world.” 

Good to know, right? 

Sarah teaches on the math of change, broken brains, creating a business that works for you, prioritization, and believing in your clients.

Why tune in? Sarah will show you how to create your dreams in the midst of all the mess.

In the meantime, learn more about Sarah at and be sure to check out her podcast, Business Therapy, at

Kevin Roney

What I love about Kevin is his brilliance, his perseverance, his vision, his business savvy, and his positive intentions with the things he touches.

Kevin is learning all the time and makes connections that are so fun to hear, in part because Kevin is a great storyteller.

Kevin teaches on storytelling, failure, tech solutions, tech debt, organizational mission, burnout, and lifting up those around you.

Why tune in? You’ll want to check out this technologist’s perspective on the impact of technology on humans and organizations, along with his big picture thinking about the impact of vision (or lack of vision) on organizations.

In the meantime, learn more about Kevin on LinkedIn at

Caryn Gillen

What I love about Caryn is her no-drama stance in the world, her cut-to-the-chase questions, her authenticity, and her eye for creating safety for those around her.

Caryn has big coaching chops that she uses to help life coaches build successful businesses with speed. She helps coaches find their own way instead of following what you’re “supposed” to do.

Caryn says, “The best way is your way.”

Caryn teaches on leadership, safety, misconceptions around building a coaching business, employee vs. entrepreneur mindset, momentum, making bank, and finding the fun.

Why tune in? For Caryn’s questions! In every episode Caryn poses questions to the audience that will help you to get out of your own way and into your sweet spot with more ease than you realized was possible.

In the meantime, learn more about Caryn at and take her quiz to learn what stage of business you’re in and what’s on the horizon for you!

Matt Mills

What I love about Matt is his enthusiasm for running, his follow-through, his self-awareness, his attention to consciously creating his life, and his deft support of others.

Matt says running can change your life, and he shares his story of how running did just that for him. He went for a long-held career dream, did everything he had to do to be successful… only to realize he wasn’t fulfilled. Matt shares how running helped him get over his resistance to change and find more fulfillment.

Matt teaches on the benefits of running, how to get started with running, career fulfillment, vision building, goal setting, and mindset development.

Why tune in? Every episode of listening to Matt created inspiration to go for a run. If you’re a beginning runner or a more advanced runner looking to kick things into gear, allow Matt’s love of running and coaching to lift you up!

In the meantime, learn more about Matt

Chris Degnan

What I love about Chris is his international world view, his love of cultural exchange, his passion for communication, his genuineness, and his service-based stance.

Chris models throughout the season the value of showing up, exploring, and being open to new ideas.

Chris teaches on busting out of suburban bubbles, navigating the Foreign Service, talking about tough subjects – like racism, slowing down, learning from his daughter, and the power of music.

Why tune in? If you have a travel bug or have ever considered working in the Foreign Service, Chris shares his wisdom on this unique career path. It’s also fun to hear how Chris’ own journey evolves over the course of the season, leading to the launch of his blog, Crucial Conversations.

In the meantime, learn more about Chris at

Leah Chischilly

What I love about Leah is her calm, attentive, centered, and supportive demeanor. Her work in functional medicine is about helping busy women return to health. My impression is that just being in Leah’s presence is a step in the right direction!

Leah says women are suffering in silence, putting off their health, ignoring their symptoms, and turning to Doctor Google to try to self-treat. She details the crazy state most women are living in, thinking it’s normal. Her message is that being tired all the time or in pain is not normal. We are meant to feel good.

Leah teaches on stress, hormones, the endocrine system, symptoms + root causes, nourishment, and individual health.

Why tune in? Leah’s voice is a much-needed balm to a world that is often at odds with our well-being.

In the meantime, learn more about Leah’s work at

Meredith Holley

What I love about Meredith is her powerful stance in the world, her confidence, her clarity, her caring, and her mission of ending oppression.

Meredith and her team combine legal and coaching expertise to help employees end harassment and clean up toxic work environments. Meredith’s understanding of the dynamics at play in harassment situations, both from personal experience and her client’s experience is unlike anything I’d ever heard before. 

Meredith teaches on your options when you’re being harassed, the dynamics of harassment, making the workplace a better place for those around you, boundaries, fear, power, and investing in our careers.

Why tune in? If you or someone you know is dealing with a toxic work environment, you’ll 100% want to learn from Meredith’s expertise. 

In the meantime, learn more about Meredith’s work at

CK Taneja

What I love about CK is his intense engagement with life, his unique sightline on potential, his leadership, and his enormous heart.

CK spoke on one episode about how people are like lamps that have their own light that intensifies if you bring the match stick. My impression is that CK is striking matches and lighting lamps with skill and intention on the regular.

CK says, “What gives purpose is loving people and helping people grow.” 

CK teaches on hidden strengths, being an agent of change, purpose, goals, perspective, and lighting lamps.

Why tune in? CK has done more than I can keep track of: making millions, experiencing bankruptcy, leading turnarounds, selling a company, giving all his things away, and more! Tune in to learn from his rich experiences and wisdom.

In the meantime, learn more about CK at

Josh Henkin

What I love about Josh is his business savvy, his strength, his people skills, his empathy, and his STEM career expertise.

Josh is a colleague in the career services field, and as I got to knew him, I grew very comfortable with sending referrals his way. His expertise, care, and skill with helping STEM graduates navigate their careers is top notch.

One of my favorite episodes with Josh was where he described transitioning from his rugby days, where the focus was on being tough and getting through pain, to his present-day self, which maneuvers with more empathy and sensitivity.

Josh teaches on STEM career advising, hiring managers, the value of soft skills, networking, getting hired, and receiving feedback.

Why tune in? If you’re looking for a job in a STEM field and are feeling frustrated, Josh will help you achieve your goals.

In the meantime, learn more about Josh at

Charlie Janes

What I love about Charlie is his positivity, his experience, his values, and his openness.

Charlie makes growing a business feel clear and simple. Or more accurately, with Charlie by your side it feels clear and simple. Charlie knows what to pay attention to and how to support business owners in communicating their vision from his experience in Silicon Valley.

Charlie says, “If you’re running in the right direction, growth is easy.” And, “The most stressful thing in the world is people (employees) not knowing what to do; what’s expected of them.”

Charlie teaches on rebuilding teams and cultures, business growth, focus, stress, values, creating jobs, communication, and goal setting.

Why tune in? If you’re leading a growing business and are feeling personally stressed or are perceiving stress from your team, you’ll want to hear Charlie’s explanations and stories to find relief.

In the meantime, learn more about Charlie at

Christine Clapp

What I love about Christine is her calm, her capability, her social consciousness, her growth mindset, and her thoughtful prioritization.

Christine and her team help with public speaking, which I learned extends far beyond just speaking on a stage. We all speak publicly every day. It might be on the phone with a client, in meetings, with colleagues, and, yes, sometimes on stages too.

Christine believes, “Every single person can be a great public speaker.” 

Christine teaches on speaking education, common speaking errors, the impact of improving our speaking, measuring speaking improvement, practice, and connecting with your audience.

Why tune in? Christine says that public speaking is a necessary component of leadership. If you want to improve your communication or your leadership, you’ll want to learn from Christine. (Also, Christine’s story in episode 34 about toilet bowl cleaner is amazing and unforgettable. And her consistent consideration of diversity, equity, and inclusion is inspiring.)

In the meantime, learn more about Christine at and check out her podcast Let ‘Em Speak.

Hunter Moore

What I love about Hunter is her unbounded enthusiasm, her extreme rapport building ability, her pursuit of continuous learning, her skill, and her love of people.

Hunter is fabulous at working with the subconscious mind. By finding the root incident that created a belief that is no longer serving, Hunter is able to help her clients get unstuck and step into a new and expanded sense of self.

Hunter says of our old, localized beliefs, “They were perfect for a 5-year-old, but not for a 47-year-old.” And the realization that these beliefs don’t work in a more generalized context is like, “OMG, my life is being run by a 5-year-old hurt child.”

Hunter teaches on the subconscious mind, self-employment, the root causes of many of our issues, possibility, intimacy + relationships, and hypnotherapy.

Why tune in? If you have a hunch that a much younger self is driving your life in a direction that you don’t really want to be going in, tune in for Hunter’s clear and compassionate explanations of what’s going on and what you can do about it.

In the meantime, learn more about Hunter’s work at

Beth Ridley

What I love about Beth is her creativity, her empathy, her bravery, her curiosity, her masterful storytelling, and her skill at synthesizing powerful ideas into easily applicable steps. 

Beth believes in creating workplaces where we’re safe to be ourselves. She points out that it isn’t that hard to do if we pay attention to how a strong company culture enables business success. 

Beth says, “There are really some basic principles of what helps to bring out the best in others.”

Beth teaches on micro-moments, leadership, psychological safety at work, creating a culture of inclusion, respect, appreciation, + purpose, pulse checking, listening, and resilience.

Why tune in? Beth is one of the best public speakers I know. (Reach out to get her on your stages immediately!) It’s a pleasure to learn from Beth’s guidance on improving company culture. Her stories in Episode 26 about what she learned from interviewing leaders and her experience relating to apartheid are powerful.

In the meantime, learn more about Beth at and check out her podcast at:

George O’Shea

What I love about George is his sense of humor, his entrepreneurial spirit, his understanding of process, his active mind, his honesty, and the joy he finds in business.

When George talks, I always listen because I know he’s going to drop gems. George tells stories about what he’s learned through his career in big fortune 500 companies and small companies. My favorite story from George is in Episode 35 about a leader who had one theory about the marketplace and then completely accepted a different understanding based on George’s team’s feedback.

George teaches on getting in cold water (literally), disruption, trust, process, intrapreneurship, product insights, comfort vs. innovation, teamwork, second chances, and intellectual honesty.

Why tune in? George’s experience with successful products and his collaborations with different teams and mentors are eye-opening and informative.

In the meantime, learn more about George at

Dr. Martin Sullivan

What I love about Martin is the joy he finds in innovation, his honesty, his values, his creativity, and his belief in possibility.

Martin shared three questions in Episode 7 around finding hidden ideas within teams that struck me as incredibly powerful. Martin asks, “What if? What about? What is it you’re not telling me?” You’ll also want to hear more about his 5 V framework in Episode 17.

Martin teaches on problem solving, the infrastructure of innovation, disruption within constraints, structure and freedom, the process of innovation, taking risks, the 5 Vs, and applying general resources towards specific improvements.

Why tune in? Martin shares thoughtful frameworks around innovation and how to encourage it within organizations. His stories about where to look for innovation and alignment are fascinating.

In the meantime, learn more about Martin at

Chris Yoko

What I love about Chris is his thoughtful nature, his genuineness, his passion for making a positive impact, his vision, his sense of humor, and his marketing + leadership chops.

Chris and his team support organizations who aim to make a positive impact on the world with their web presence. One cool thing about Chris is that he thinks big with positive intention. In Episode 27 Chris details how setting a goal to impact 100,000,000 people impacted his business. What’s most fun about this goal is that his team is on track to hit it this year.

Chris teaches on entrepreneurial mindset, building businesses, risk, passion + purpose beyond profit, impact metrics, impossible goals, organizational stories, and stepping into bigger visions.

Why tune in? My impression is a lot of people yearn for work that makes a difference in the world. You’ll want to tune in to hear Chris’ stories of how he landed on the path he’s on now for inspiration about what’s possible when you’re intention is to make a difference.

In the meantime, learn more about Chris’s work at and about Chris at

Anthony Perdrix

What I love about Anthony is his heart, his questions, his love of personal development, and his consistent attention and effort towards becoming his best, most aligned self. 

Anthony talks in Episode 27 about snapping out of autopilot. His life was ok, but he was not really progressing. 

Anthony says, “If you don’t try to look for things, you don’t see them. I was not trying to look for my full potential.” 

He goes on to share many questions and tools that can help all of us look more closely at the lives we’re leading vs. the ones we want to be living.

Anthony teaches on happiness, potential, limits, small + continual changes, becoming the person you want to be, questions to ask yourself, beliefs, and habits.

Why tune in? Anthony’s stories and reflections on how he has been able to re-calibrate his own life to create better relationships, health, experiences, and growth are inspiring.

In the meantime, learn more about Anthony at

Glenn Block

What I love about Glenn is his curiosity, his love of computers, his consistent intention to be helpful, his courage, his allyship, his supportive nature, and his all-in embodiment and example of growth mindset. 

Glenn is participating and learning all the time. He’s a role model for the strength and skills that we can develop when we show up and try new things. Whether rock climbing or learning in an MBA program or becoming a better ally, Glenn says, “You need to be willing to fail. That’s part of the growth mindset.”

Glenn teaches on growth mindset, defining the why, where tech solutions are applicable, leadership, our noisy world, intentionality, and taking action.

Why tune in? If you think your capacity and capability are set in stone, check out Glenn’s stories and explanation of growth mindset. It could be life changing. 

In the meantime, learn more about Glenn at