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Overnight success rarely happens overnight. And success secret sound bites don’t tell the full story. 

Join entrepreneur, author, and regular human being Alison Cardy (that’s me) as I share my behind-the-scenes journey of what really happens when you make the decision to go big. 

Expect intimate thoughts, honest financial details, and mind expanding insights. Discover why having a crazy goal could be the sanest thing you can do. 

And get the perspectives you need to feel like a billion bucks every step of the way. 

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Episode 150: Routines and Perfectionistic Tendencies

A change up to the daily routine! Where I’m putting my attention for 30 mins a day What I’m putting more into my life An experience of finding what’s true for me in the moment Pod formation Some concern and compassion around blind spots Quotables “Actually counting that self-care, quiet stillness, re-centering type stuff as […]

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Episode 151: Letting Life Flow Through Us

A different definition of work The most beautiful thing I get to work on Increased awareness of my brain Who I’m really excited for you to meet! Quotables “Is to be that still place for them.” “Good job me for getting to work with such amazing, strong people.” “I’m doing alright.” “Let’s create this moment.”

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Episode 152: The Downsides of Positivity and Optimism

The habit I have around this podcast What I’m noticing about the rate of things bubbling up Re-centering in appropriate boundaries The downsides of positivity and optimism How optimism plays into vision and aim Grappling with Covid and cashflow Letting go of perfection Quotables “I did realize, ohmygosh, I bit off quite a bit here.” [……

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Episode 153: Cleaning Up!

Centering and cleaning A break from podcast recording Season 4 applications The benefit of having a project to focus on Quotables “I’m hoping to have this symbolize and represent being a little more organized and responsible around finances.” “It feels really good.” “My crew is doing well.” “Clean out your stuff every now and again.…

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Episode 154: There Are Amazing People in the World

Some thoughts on community building What I felt like I missed from some groups My intention to create a soft place to land Our first newsletter for our podcast guests Technology for the win Quotables “I’m sure I’m a better person just from getting these cool people’s input into my brain.” “I’m much more interested […]

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